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This Is Our Story


Sailing Together is the shared dream of Rebekka and Fredrik, who found each other amidst the calming rhythm of the ocean and the shared passion for sailing. Both of us, with our contrasting yet complementing backgrounds, bring unique skills to this venture, but it's our common love for the sea that truly sets us apart.

Rebekka, a dedicated surfer from the picturesque fjords of Norway, brings an infectious zest for life and a profound love for the ocean to our adventures. Riding waves across the world, she has found a deep connection to the rhythm of the sea, a passion she eagerly shares with our guests. Her background in teaching has honed her natural ability to inspire and engage, but it's her spirit of adventure and her keen surfboard skills that truly define her role in our journey.


Fredrik, a seasoned sailor, and boat technician from Sweden, holds a wealth of maritime knowledge and an enduring passion for the sailing lifestyle. His expertise ensures safe and efficient travels, and his stories of sea-bound adventures inspire all who sail with us.

United by the dream of a life less ordinary, we set out to share the enriching lifestyle of slow travel with others. Adventure Sailing Together is our platform to offer you a chance to step away from the fast-paced routine of everyday life and truly connect with the natural world.

Join us on a journey where you can experience the rhythmic dance of the ocean, the raw beauty of remote destinations, and the gratifying simplicity of living in sync with nature. We can't wait to welcome you aboard and share the joys of this incredible sailing adventure!

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