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5. Bahamas to Canada 

April 22, 2024 to May 19, 2024

Bahamas // Canada


April 22, 2024 to May 19, 2024
Set your sights on the horizon and embrace the allure of the open ocean as you join Adventure Sailing Together on an unparalleled four-week voyage from the tropical paradise of the Bahamas to the rugged coastlines of Halifax, Canada. This unique adventure offers a rich exploration of life at sea, with the possibility of a stopover in the mystical Bermuda.

We begin our journey in the Bahamas, a kaleidoscope of dazzling beaches and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy a last taste of the tropics as we set sail, leaving behind the palm-fringed shores and setting our compass towards the vast Atlantic Ocean.

As we navigate the open sea, you'll become an integral part of life aboard our ocean-going sailboat. Under the guidance of Fredrik and Rebekka, you'll learn the art of true ocean sailing. From setting sails to steering the helm, navigating by stars to understanding weather patterns, every day offers new skills to master.

While ocean sailing is filled with exhilaration and discovery, it's also a journey of reflection and connection. Watch the waves dance to the wind's tune, spot distant dolphins playing in our wake, and lose yourself in the rhythm of life at sea. The intimate connection with nature, the joy of sailing, and the bonds formed with fellow adventurers become the heart of our voyage.

If the winds are favorable, we may make a stopover in Bermuda, a place wrapped in legends and beauty. Here, you can explore hidden caves, wander through historic towns, and sample local flavors before we continue our northern sail.

Our journey concludes in Halifax, Canada, a city known for its maritime heritage and natural beauty. As we approach its rugged shores, we reflect on a voyage that transcended mere travel. Our journey was a shared adventure, an education, a celebration of the ocean's grandeur, and a testament to the joys of slow travel.

Join us for a sailing experience like no other, where the ocean becomes your home and the sailboat your companion. Embrace the challenges, savor the tranquility, and let the sea ignite your adventurous spirit.

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