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What to expect


Embark on a journey that's not just an adventure but a profound experience. This isn't a casual vacation; it's a dedication to the pursuit of travel mastery and personal growth - a commitment that ensures not only your joy but also your safety, along with all on board.


Especially Offshore. 

Safety is our top priority offshore. To ensure that everyone understands our commitment to safety, we'll dedicate an entire day to covering our comprehensive safety routines and practices. Our expectation is clear: we require the crew to adhere strictly to our safety rules, and failure to do so is not tolerated. Some of the fundamental safety practices include:

  • Wearing PFD's and Being Clipped Onto the Boat at All Times: This is a default requirement for everyone on board.

  • Following the 'Standing Orders': This includes protocols like knowing when to wake the skipper if any unusual situations arise.

  • Being Mindful Below Decks: Statistically, this is where injuries are more likely to occur. Pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid accidents.

  • Understanding Emergency Equipment Locations: Familiarize yourself with the locations of all thru-hulls and fire extinguishers down below, as well as other essential safety tools.

  • Etc. — Learn the Rest Onboard: There are many other important safety aspects that you'll be trained on once you're aboard. Our team is committed to ensuring that every crew member is well-prepared to contribute to a safe sailing experience.

No Smoking: Smoking is not allowed at any time on the boat.

  • No Drinking Alcohol During Passage: Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited while underway.

  • No Drugs: The use of illegal substances will not be tolerated.

  • No Yelling: Maintain a calm and respectful communication style.

  • No Complaining: Keep a positive attitude! Complaints can undermine morale and teamwork.

Your safety and the safety of your fellow crew members are our foremost concerns. We're here to guide you, but we expect everyone to take these responsibilities seriously.

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