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Sailing Together

Experience life at sea
Open to all, regardless of experience
Training will be given
Full crew involvement
Max 6 crew

Upcoming Journeys

Your gateway to an unforgettable memory

Uncover the hidden gems of the world, connect with nature, and meet fellow travelers as you embark on a month-long sailing adventure across the stunning waters of the Caribbean or the icy expanse of the Arctic. Dive into crystal-clear waters or navigate through ice-laden landscapes, all with us. Let's set sail together!

This Is Our Story

Sailing Together was born from a shared passion for sailing, exploration, and the profound beauty of nature. Our experienced crew, equipped with an intricate knowledge of both the warm Caribbean Sea and the frosty Arctic waters, is ready to guide you on a safe and thrilling journey that you'll remember forever.


“Perfect sailing experience, I really had an awesome time, it was even better than expected and I already miss you guys and will definitley come back :)


A more than wonderful experience, our trip to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Fredrik is an excellent captain, great explanation, shares knowledge and skills in a nice way, takes into account all safety regulations.”

The Dutch

Crossing the Atlantic with this nice boat and awesome people couldn't wish for anything else. We had lots of fun, saw lots of dolphins and blue water, got to see places i didn't knew existed. A real F*cking adventure!

Lotta Diehl

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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